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This is how we define our experience, magic. Once again mother earth has given us, one of the most wonderful and amazing places like this river which its waters are colored by several different natural agents which it is not usual to see and to feel in other places on earth. It is surrounded by all the most amazing nature and fauna ever!



Puerto Gaitán, Meta. Colombia’s natural paradise is one of the country’s most promissory municipality, it’s located 5 hours from Bogota city (Colombia’s main city). A few steps from its municipal arch you’ll find Diana Turbay library, a place full of magic and culture where lots of books are waiting to enrich our children, young people and adults. It is a remarkable town known for its folklore music (musica llanera) and its annual festival which reunites every year lots of people not only from Colombia but around the world and different countries as well.



This journey starts in Villavicencio city going by an old way to Bogota until we arrive to a bridge which is located over the susumuco river. From there we start ascending through the river’s canyon in a 3 hour approximately route giving you the chance of being in touch with all the biodiversity of flora and fauna including different kinds of small birds, mammals and reptiles and different kinds of orchids and flowers as well. The route will be leaded by local guides which will delight you with legendary stories, tales and myths of the region.



This magnificent scenario offers to its visitors a route of 5,5 hectares through the local flora and fauna and the most important ecosystems of the Orinoquia region. This park has been built around a lake which was formed by the Aguas Claras brook reservoir. The Biopark is divided in 7 sectors and 38 habitats where the visitors will have the chance to interact with 181 different species of local fauna and more than 1400 birds, mammals, reptiles and fishes. 


“Le personnel est très accueillant, attentionné, motivé à vous faire découvrir la vraie Colombie, à vous accompagner pour vos activités, trouver des astuces pour vous faire payer moins cher… Je n’aurais pas pu demander mieux!”

Annie Roy.